meAs many of you, I started out young. Grew up in a dead-end town of eight thousand where the convenience stores were the hangouts and there were more gun shops and bars on Main Street than churches. It's your typical Pennsylvania coal town that's fallen prey to time. I check Google Maps occasionally to make sure it's still standing, that the mine fires haven't eaten it up yet. To my surprise, it now has limited Street View.

I moved into what would be voted The Safest Metropolitan City in America in 2009. Children here are expected to go to college and hang out at the park unmonitored instead of the convenience store. Yards are greener. Streets are cleaner. The future was brighter.

meThere used to be an exceptionally large video game arcade in town in which I spent many a quarter. They had the latest and greatest pinball machines and arcade cabinets. Every week, a new one showed up and took my money. When its closing was announced, the town was shocked. Needless to say, the machines were all auctioned off and went quickly and for quite a bit of money, not only for play but also just as a point of nostalgia.

One day in 2008, I decided to purchase my first pinball machine. I had no idea that it was as common as it was! There were other people with pinball machines in their houses and it blew my mind. Once I accepted that, I kept buying. As arcades closed, the race to keep the machines alive exploded. And I joined them.

I've always been a tinkerer. I took apart my childhood telescopes to see how they worked. I wasn't afraid to tear apart whatever I could that was broken and see how it worked, and sometimes being able to put it back together. This led me to having the guts to purchase a 1986 Porsche 944 with the engine torn apart. I learned that if you have the tools and patience, you can fix anything. I've since sold the car and miss it greatly. But I've taken that knowledge with me into the future, to the house I've purchased to fix what I can.

This site is an informational journal on the many fixes I've had to do to my toys. The arcade and pinball machines are constantly breaking and I can't remember it all. So here it is - for all to see and use.