Porsche 944 Rebuild

I decided to reset the odometer on my car every inspection to see how many miles I put on the car (at a glance rather than doing simple subtraction). Turns out that by doing so, you take the risk of jamming the gears in the odometer. Nothing was broken. No infamous deteriorating plastic gears. Just good old misalignment.


Getting the odometer out of the car is pretty simple. Remove the steering wheel, then the instrument cluster, then the odometer. If you have the tools, this fix can be done in less than an episode of Scrubs. Once out and freed, the inner gearings of the odometer can be inspected for failure.


You can see that some of the odometer indeed rusts. This may or may not be the cause of the failure. There's nothing that rides on the rusted bar except for a spring. But even with it out and free, the video below shows the failure:

If spun by hand, the trip indicator gear slips and never increases the bottom set of gears, which in turn never increases the top mileage gears. A little bit of fooling and moving of the gears caused something to slip back into place that had come loose. Afterwards, a working odometer looks as such:

Installation of the cluster is the exact same as reverse. Don't forget to attach the horn wire.

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