Porsche 944 Rebuild

I replaced the shifter back in 2008 hoping to fix it's slop. I realized that in addition to the shifter, the shift linkage is worn as well, leaving some obvious slop in the shifter. I tried another method today using aluminum flashing. Pics and a read inside.


As you can see from the picture, the issue is on the shift lever pin. This pin wears down after years of shifting wears away its shape. The replacement lever in 2008 fixed most of the slop. However, the ring at the end of the shift linkage (which goes back to the transmission) also has some wear. The flashing is supposed to fill in the small gap which has appeared in the ring, tightening up the connection between the ring and the pin.


With the shifter boot pulled up and out of the way, the lever and linkage can be clearly seen and easily accessed. I had replaced both the shift lever and its base ball-n-socket joint last time. The linkage, however, cannot be replaced with the transmission still in the car. And at the price tag hanging from the new ones, I've attempted to fix this with materials around the house instead.

The pin is still in good shape after 2 years of driving. The ring wear is noticeable, though, as the shifter has a good 1" of slop when in and out of gear. Aluminum flashing is available at any home repair store and is used in chimneys apparently. The flashing was cut up into a small ring and placed around the pin.


Using a full ring turned out to be too thick. I couldn't get the linkage back over the pin. I spent 30 minutes trying various methods but it just was too thick. Not by much, though. I cut the flashing into a semi-circle and tried again. I got it on half way but still refused to go any further. I cut a little more off and finally, I was able to put it all back together (with lots of lubrication).


After it was installed, the shifter slop was reduced to about 1/2". It feels much tighter but still nowhere near what I had hoped. Over the years, I've tried other things. The best? Electrical tape. One or two times around the pin and the lever holds tight. However, it breaks down easily and eventually slides out of the ring. Slop was negligible while it was on though. Hopefully, the flashing will provide some more stiffness to the shifter.

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